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Adaptive Power - Home Theater

Home Theatre

Adaptive Power can design and install a home theatre system that matches your needs and budget.  We ensure you the homeowner and your family will enjoy your customized home theatre to its fullest potential.  It's more than the size of a screen; it’s about an experience.  From a basic living room surround to a dedicated custom home theater room, we provide customized design, component selection, installation and calibration.

Multiroom Audio/Video

Adaptive Power - Prewire
A multiroom audio/video system would enable you listen or view various media sources in multiple rooms throughout your home at the same time.  Using a multiroom controller, you eliminate the need for dedicated media sources in every room.  Therefore, you'll be able to view a movie in their rec room while your children can listen to satellite radio in another room; all without having the multiple components in every room.  A centralized cabinet would have all the components needed to share media such as satellite radio receivers, disc players, cable boxes, radio tuners etc.  Whether you're inside or outside of your home, the system can be and controlled via your smartphone or a zone keypad.  
Pretty cool eh?

Structured Wiring and Prewire

Prewiring your home TODAY can save you money in the FUTURE!  Let us explain how…  Although wiring existing structures can be done, it is the extra labor time and construction needed to retrofit walls and ceilings that will cost you more time and money.  By having Adaptive Power running all the cabling (such as fiber-optic, data, voice, audio, video, lighting control, automation etc.) during your construction phase, your home will be “future” ready whenever you feel its time to buy your equipment.  Prewiring your home WILL increase your home marketability and VALUE!
Adaptive Power - Structured Cabling

Security and Surveillance

Adaptive Power - Honeywell Tuxedo
Adaptive Power can help you protect your home or business from theft & burglary and more. Our goal is to guide you to choose a system that meets your needs, is user friendly and insures your property is protected.   We are an authorized Honeywell dealer and offer other alarms, camera system installation and services.
Adaptive Power - IP Camera NVR Kit

Home Automation and Control

Adaptive Power - Automation iPad
Adaptive Power can help you transform your home into a smarthome.  From lighting, sound systems, video systems, security/surveillance systems, thermostats, locks, blinds or drapes, it can all be controlled from a touch of a button anywhere!  Home automation does not only give you a convenient way to control your lights and locks, it will actually enhance your home’s comfort and can reduce energy consumption.  Since you already have a smartphone, why not see how automating your home can be a convenience, provide comfort and save you on energy bills at the same time!

Central Vac

What many homeowners don’t know is that central vacuums are, in general, more powerful, convenient and quieter than traditional vacuums.  The power unit and collection canister are generally installed in a remote area of your home (like a basement or garage) and because the vacuum motor is located away from the living area, the noise level is greatly reduced.  Central vacuum systems have more ‘cleaning’ power than portable vacuums because they have much larger motors. This extra power allows them to capture debris and the smallest dust particles quickly and efficiently, without forcing you to repeatedly track over trouble spots.  If you ever decide to sell your home, having a central vacuum system installed can increase the resale value because it is a built-in feature, which is always a selling point.  So whether you are replacing your existing vacuum or if your home is already 'roughed in', contact Adaptive Power and we’ll help you choose the right central vacuum and install it in your home.
Adaptive Power - Central Vac

Marine Audio/Video

Adaptive Power - Marine Audio
Adaptive Power - Marine Video
Adaptive Power doesn't only provide services on land!  We provide sales and installation for Marine Audio, Video and Navigation systems too!  When we're not installing our products in homes, we're on the lakes of Manitoba helping you 'Rock the Boat' so to speak! 


Adaptive Power - Calibration
Directors, producers and sound engineers use specific industry standards to capture and record sound (i.e.: Dolby, DTS, ATMOS and THX).  If your home theatre is not calibrated, you might be missing the true movie experience that the director, producer and sound engineer intended to show, feel and hear. Your system and/or theatre room can be professionally calibrated to accurately reproduce an overwhelmed sense of “in the middle of the scene” feeling.  The picture and dialogue will be in sync and crystal clear when you hear and feel a car racing down the track or an aircraft flying through the air.  Imagine not having to turn up the volume during the quiet part of a movie, and turning it down again when there is action!

Design and Installation

Adaptive Power - Design and Installation
Adaptive Power works with computer aided software to create your personalized system.  We design professional layouts for either homeowners or homebuilders.  Having the flexibility to work hand-in-hand with homebuilders, homeowners and other contractors along with our professional experience ensures installation will be “top-notch”!  We can pride in every project what we do and the end result is that every customer is satisfied.  Guaranteed!